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Description :

Type N connectors have a miniature classification; however, it is medium size in use. Properly designed Type N connectors provide low-loss interconnects to 11 GHz, optimized precision versions are available up to 18 GHz. The screw-type coupling combined with the larger size, i.e. RG213, provides a robust design and proper fit for some larger coaxial cables. Applications include broadcast electronics, aerospace, telecommunication base stations and the passive/active components used in base stations.

Medium size

Accommodates a wide range of medium to miniature-sized RG coaxial cables in a rugged medium-sized design

Durable threaded coupling

Ensures connector will not decouple in vibration intention applications

DC to 18 GHz

Ideal for wireless and GPS applications.






Applications :

1) Antennas
2) Base station
3) Broad cast
4) cable assembley
5) cellular
6) components
7) Instrumentation
8) Microwave Radio
9) Mil-Aero
10) PCS
11) Radar
12) Radios
13) Satcom
14) Surge Protection
15) WLAN.


Material :

1) Body: brass nickel plated
2) Sub-assembly: brass nickel plated
3) Outer conductor: brass nickel plated
4) Inner conductor: beryllium copper
5) Dielectric: PTFE
6) Durability: min. 500 cycles

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