FlashD Compact

Product Code: HDT513V

Availability: 10

Price: Rp. 847,000
Include TAX PPN 10%
Channels : 21 - 69 (470-862 Mhz) Gain : 13 dB Front-to-Back Ratio : >16 dB Beamwidth : H 60 V 80 Windload : 130Km/h (18) 150Km/h (23) Length : 80cm Packed Weight : 8Kg UHF reception antenna. Dihedral reflector, compact dipole and 7 directors. For vertical and horizontal polarization, allowing variation of elevation angle. Easy assembly without tools Minimum volume transport packaging Clamping system for masts 25 to 50 mm. Cable connection: F type connector. 1 Screw-on plug and 1 rubber protection cap are supplied.

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