Fiber Distribution Hub FDH-288 Port

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Product Description The Superior Essex FDH-288 Series Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) is designed to provide a local convergence point in an Outside Plant (OSP) environment. The FDH-288 houses optical splitters that propagate optical signal from the Central Office (CO) to the distribution cable network that serves fiber to the customer’s premises. Its compact and modular design offers a cost-effective fiber distribution solution with ease of installation


 • The FDH-288 provides a connectorized path between passive optical splitters fed from the CO and distribution optical fiber cables that transport the optic signal to the customer’s premises for voice, data and video services. The FDH-288 facilitates rapid service provisioning and reconfiguration, thus improving installation efficiencies in the field.


 • Modular SC adapter distribution panels

• Small, compact weather-proof enclosure

• Enhanced bend radius control, slack storage and fiber routing

• Secure, single-entry door with pad lock hasp


• Offers cost-effective, “pay-asyou-grow” deployment

• Offers an aesthetically-pleasing package for OSP deployment

• Provides optimal fiber management, protection and performance

• Offers flexibility for pad or vault mounting options


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