Digital Battery Control Regulator BCR IML 10 A

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Description :

Digital Battery Control Regulator is the brain of the charging system settings Solar Panels designed multi-functional. Digital Battery Control Regulator system can function Normal or Auto Load. In the Normal position the output voltage at the load to keep working even if the charging current from the solar panels and without charging. Position Auto Load Load voltage at the output will not work during a voltage / current from the Solar Panel to charge the battery, and over voltage / current from the Solar Panel has not worked alias 0 V then automatically load output voltage will work. This tool can be applied to PLTS (Solar Power), hydropower (Wind Power) and PJU (street lighting). BCR IML-10A has awarded B2TE (BPPT) and SNI certificate.

Feature :

  • BCR IML-10A is Battery Charge Regulator with ON-OFF series type having capability to handling 10A maximum current at 12 VDC working voltage.
  • Very suitable and cost efective for 50 Watt Peak Solar Panel and 70AH Lead Acid Battery.
  • Equiped with 3 rocker switch lamp, 6,9 and 12 switch selectable DC power.
  • Covering with Green color ABS plastic enclosure.


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