DC AM meter Shunt Rate 500A 50 mV

Product Code: FWSHUNT500

Availability: 3

Price: Rp. 256,000
Include TAX PPN 10%

Product Description

500 amps and 50 mV A 500A/50mV current shunt must be used with the IPN-ProRemote Accurately monitors net battery current Must be installed in series with battery negative See also the Blue Sky Energy IPNPRO Remote Display without Shunt. For a Pro-Remote Display including the shunt, please see Blue Sky Energy IPNPRO-S Display with Shunt.

Technical Details

For use with digital or analog ammeter

Provides replacement for existing ammeter shunt

Technical support avaialble via email

Technical specifications :

suitable for 12/24 / 48Vdc systems

Weight 50 g


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