Axerra 1 1N

Product Code: 07AXN1_1N_AC_BP

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Price: Rp. 6,838,000
Include TAX PPN 10%

Axerra Networks’ AXN1-N is a flexible, compact, customer-located Pseudo-Wire access device designed to enable cost-effective voice and data integration over packet-based access networks, such as Carrier Ethernet, cable HFC, xDSL, EPON/GPON, WiMAX, and IP.

Key Application :

  • GSM/UMTS and CDMAone/CDMA2000 backhaul over
  • packet-based RAN
  • T1/E1 circuit emulation for TDM leased-line replacement
  • PBX-to-PSTN backhaul and PBX-to-PBX (tie-line) connectivity
  • Frame Relay service delivery and interworking
  • HDLC virtual leased lines for X.25/SNA/IPX/FR

AC Power: 90 to 264 VAC
Nominal: 100 - 240 VAC

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