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This 2U blank panel is a strategic tool in the creation of a professionally configured equipment rack.  

Blank panels are not just for making the rack look better by filling in the extra spaces. 

They also serve the function of helping manage airflow to where you want it to go.

Plan your rack layout to include blanks to maximize airflow across and in between heat generating components. 

Use blanks to provide extra spacing in your rack between components to secure and hide power supplies, baluns, modules and other elements that need to reside in the rack but not be seen.



 Size  1U
 Width  600mm
 Depth  0,5"
 Weight  1 Kg
 Material  SPCC cold rolled steel t1.2
 Surface Finish  Black Powder Coated Finish


Packaging Contents:

  • 2U Flanged Blanking Panel
  • Set of 10/32 screws and cage nuts

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